How To Keep Your Children Healthy This New School Year

back to school

A new school year is here again with its feeling of excitement and anxiety. While children are excited to get back to school and catch up with old friends, the beginning of a school year can often mean exposure to various germs which can easily spread among students and teachers. Early mornings and some tedious class work can also take its toll on kids. Here are some tips to help children stay healthy throughout the school year:

Fighting Colds: With Flu season around the corner, cold and flu germs are bound to spread quickly. Every student should have a mini First Aid kit containing cold and flu survival essentials- vapour rub, throat lozenges or spray, analgesics to reduce pain and fever, vitamin C and thermometer. It is important to teach children to always cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze to avoid spreading germs to other children. Parents should also emphasize the importance of hand washing with soap and water or the use of a hand sanitizer. Your local HealthPlus pharmacist is always available to give specific advice on remedies to manage any symptoms your child might experience.

Asthma Management: Looking after your child’s asthma doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply pop into your local HealthPlus Pharmacy and Ask Your HealthPlus Pharmacist about the Asthma Support Service. We can teach your child how to use their inhalers, perfect their technique as well as discuss major triggers for asthma. Since your child will be away at school most of the time, it is necessary to discuss their usual symptoms with the classroom teacher and school nurse. Our trained Pharmacists can help you with this vital information and also support in managing their medicines.

Tackling Head Lice: Lice are wingless insects that hold on to the hair and feed from the blood in the scalp. Research has shown that one in three children will get head lice in the school year. Kids play a lot and this contributes to the easy spread among them. It is imperative to educate the kids on simple ways to avoid this spread such as not sharing things that touch the hair (comb, towels), avoiding activities that may involve head to head contact with other children or classmates and separating their personal belongings. If your child however gets head lice, our well trained pharmacists are available to choose effective products for you and talk you through ways to use them correctly to achieve desired results.

Boosting Immunity: The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism in preventing diseases and other invaders. The school season exposes children more to an array of germs, hence, the importance of giving their immune system a boost. The most important way to boost the immune system is through diet; by including a variety of fruits and vegetables to their diet. For picky eaters however, there are tons of multivitamin supplements that help bridge the diet gap. You can walk into the nearest HealthPlus Pharmacy, to get the best child-friendly multivitamins ranging from gummies to chew-able tablets to liquid supplements for your child and the whole family.

Preventing Malaria: Nigeria being a malaria endemic country puts children at risk of being infected with the disease. However, preventive measures can be effective in preventing associated mortality or morbidity. Mosquitoes breed in water hence it is important to avoid stagnant water around the house and school. The use of anti-malarials, mosquito repellents and mosquito nets cannot be overemphasized. Our stores have a range of these products and the Pharmacists are always willing to advice on the best approach.

Personal Care: Good personal hygiene is the first step to good health. Habits such as taking your bath daily, brushing and flossing your teeth, washing your hands with soap and water or appropriate use of sanitizers can help keep germs at bay. During this school year, children need to take proper care of themselves in order to stay healthy. Fortunately, your local HealthPlus Pharmacy stocks a wide range of personal care products, so pop in to see your Pharmacist who can help you select best choice products for your children.